Around the Neighborhood

10 Apr

I took a short walk around our neighborhood tonight and decided to take some photos with our new camera.

This is a photo of a super cool Vespa owned by one of our neighbors. It reminds me of the moped I rode back in Red River when I was 14. My dad insisted that I get my motorcycle license so I could drive myself around our tiny little ski town. I thought I was the coolest 14 year old around:)

Here is some graffiti on a nearby dumpster. I think I might start a graffiti series…it seems to be pretty popular, unfortunately. I find it quite sad that some people find pleasure in destroying other peoples’ property. 

These next photos are random photos from some of the shops along Broadway.

The Chosen Book for the Chosen People. This photo is for my previous roommates Stephanie and Joyseph. I hope jew enjoy:)

This one reminds me of a small town in NM…Socorro reminds me of a rest area supported by stilts supposedly to keep the snakes out…eek! I’m sure the burritos are great:/

One day I hope to purchase a camper just like this and travel the world!! Or maybe just the US:)

I ❤ Tulips!!!

I also love the reflection of the tree in this door!

And back home! Lovin’ life on Logan Street!



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