Everything’s sweeter in the South

30 Aug

Not just the tea.

Being back home in Alabama this past week really made me think about my life and my family. Sometimes we take family for granted and it sometimes takes a couple rough patches to really bring you back together. My sister, Angela and I have been best friends since she was born. Sure, we had our bouts as all sisters do, but our friendship never faltered. Friends used to tell us that we shared a brain. That’s probably not a compliment…but I think of her as my other half. She’s had a really tough time lately and I flew down to spend the past week with her and her precious boys. Austin (1) and Brody (2). Needless to say she has her hands full. I love those boys like they’re my own and treasure every minute spent with them, even when Brody is locking himself in the bathroom stall so I can’t change his diaper or when Austin (Bo) sticks his hands in the toilet and wipes them on my face. Austin has these awesome open mouth kisses that melt your heart and Brody’s bright blue eyes are piercing. I could literally go on all day about the boys! They are Angela’s heart and soul  and therefore, they are a hugely significant part of my life. I am extremely grateful for Angela, Brody, Austin, my mom and dad and Eddie. I don’t what I would do without them in my life. I know that everyone needs prayer, some more than others, but if you could keep Angela and her boys in your thoughts and prayers today and in the near future, I and they would really appreciate it.

The majority of my family lives in Alabama and it was so great to be able to spend time with each and everyone of them! I love you all! And to those of you in California, I love you too:)

Here are some family photos from Rachel & Jason’s wedding last weekend! Courtesy of Priscilla Sundheim:) Our photos of the wedding will be up in the next few weeks!


2 Responses to “Everything’s sweeter in the South”

  1. GMa & GPa Busch August 30, 2011 at 11:32 pm #

    What a wonderful write-up Ashley. We enjoyed reading about your family and the pictures. We’re looking forward to meeting them in May. You are always in our prayers. Love, G’Ma & G’Pa

  2. Brooke Gray September 3, 2011 at 6:05 pm #

    We love you too Ash – thanks for the Cali shout out. 😉 I wish we all lived closer (or owned private jets). I can only imagine how full Ange’s hands are. My life has turned upside down and is continually rolling over with my little guy. All in good fun and love but man – I’m wiped out most of the time. By the time night falls I’m out. I need to get myself on the nap rotation. I will most definitely be praying for Angela and the boys. Can’t wait to get them all together and celebrate life, love and family next Spring! xoxo

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